R   o   b   e   r   t      D   e   a   n      A   r   c  h   i   t   e   c   t   s

Firm Goals and Philosophy

We think of ourselves as Academic architects of the old school, with a philosophy that demands an intimate knowledge of the history of architecture and a willingness to use style skillfully and respectfully in the design of each building project.


We do not seek out a “signature style”; instead we use stylistic themes rigorously, to create buildings that respond to the historical, physical, and environmental contexts into which they must be placed.  At the same time, canons of form and proportion are studied to make rooms and places that are inherently beautiful while being easy to live in.


Of course, architectural history is itself more complex today, having absorbed a Modernist tradition which now coexists with older Romantic and Classical traditions.  We’re interested in the dialogue between old and new that asserts itself in a building as it exists across the span of time.


We’re more interested in the beauty than in the logic of creation, although we search for the transcendent point at which beauty and logic merge.  We like to make buildings that are undeniably new, and yet seem somehow friendly and familiar, as if they always should have been there.

History of Robert Dean Architects

Robert Dean Architects was started in October 1986, and is a Connecticut corporation with 100% of its stock owned by Robert Dean as President and Principal Architect.  The firm is a licensed Corporate Practice of Architecture in Connecticut, and has been located at the same address in New Canaan, CT since November 1987.


The firm’s staffing and volume of work is limited by the fact that every project receives direct creative and technical management from Mr. Dean.  Thus the firm has varied generally in the range of 7-9 architectural personnel in recent years.


While the firm is experienced in a number of professional areas, it has become increasingly specialized in the design of custom residential projects.  These have included both new houses and renovations of existing houses.  Geographically, the firm’s work has ranged from Virginia to Vermont, although the majority of projects are in the general area of Fairfield County, Connecticut.

Background of Robert Dean AIA

Robert Bruce Dean is a registered Architect, and a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania (B.A. in Arch., 1971) and Columbia University (M.Arch. 1976).  He has been a registered Architect since 1979.  Mr. Dean brings a unique background to his practice, combining substantial work as a practicing architect with scholarly credentials in design history and experience in directly managing construction work.


Mr. Dean sharpened his design skills by working for noted architects and firms such as Skidmore, Owings, and Merrill, Philip Johnson, and Robert A.M. Stern. His knowledge of architectural history and design has led to teaching at the university level, while his knowledge of the building craft was honed by direct involvement, early in his career, in managing construction projects.


This thorough knowledge of the entire building process enables his firm to achieve a spirit of teamwork with clients, contractors, craftspeople, and other consultants while sustaining a record of exceptional quality.


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