R   o   b   e   r   t      D   e   a   n      A   r   c  h   i   t   e   c   t   s

Barn Renovation in Greenwich, CT

This house was designed for a client returning from an extended assignment in England, who wanted to capture the spirit of the Edwardian-era house that they had lived in while in England. The house deliberately downplays its large size, and utilizes a variety of Edwardian-influenced details including a charming courtyard entry.


The site was originally the barn complex for a farm, and so the house incorporated three small barns into its design. The main body of the house was newly constructed and sits at the end of a U-shaped configuration of structures with the three small barns attached to the house along one side, and a very large freestanding barn (incorporating a guest house and full-size gym) along the other side.


More recently we returned to expand the house more fully into the 3 small barns. The horse barn at the end of the assemblage was reconfigured into a substantial home office. This barn, which was in fragile condition, was reinforced by encapsulating it within a new structural shell so that the original interior could remain as the basis for the office's main area.


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