R   o   b   e   r   t      D   e   a   n      A   r   c  h   i   t   e   c   t   s

A Classic Residence Renewed in Greenwich, CT

In this project we were asked to adapt a distinguished Georgian revival house to meet the needs of an active and growing family, while enhancing and recalibrating the house's presence on its site.


Previous additions had all been positioned on Kitchen side of the house, including a long horizontal arcade leading to a freestanding Garage. This had left the house seeming unbalanced in its relationship to the site. Our work included the addition of a new Study and Conservatory at the opposite side of the house, and we applied a more vertical massing concept in this area to re-establish a sense of overall balance.


At the same time, we reorganized much of the interior plan and room layouts within the main body of the house, and added terraces and other exterior design features to accommodate outdoor activities. The main terrace also has an added function, serving as the roof of a large underground rumpus room.


At a detail level, our design work sought to extend and enhance the Georgian-revival style of the house at both interior and exterior.


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