R   o   b   e   r   t      D   e   a   n      A   r   c  h   i   t   e   c   t   s

Family Farm House and Barn House in Landgrove, VT

Located in Vermont's ski country, this Federal-era farmstead has served as a weekend gathering place for a multi-generational family. However, as the family grew, more space was needed.


First, we were asked to add new space to the original farm house, in order to make a more accommodating suite of living and dining spaces. Later, we were asked to give one of the farm's old barns new life as a family-sized residence. In both projects, use of handcraft and antique materials is extraordinarily evident.


Worn timbers and board work that had served for a century or more were given new life, while carrying the weathered memory of their original use. At the barn, we added a complete antique house frame to serve as the basis for an expansive gathering room.



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